Finding Opportunities

While COVID-19 has taken away many things, it has also freed up time for new things we wouldn't have otherwise gotten a chance to do. For starters, I don't know when I would have started this blog if I didn't have lots of extra time. While quarantined, we need to find new ways to stay busy and entertain ourselves. My family has tried new ways to keep ourselves entertained, we have watched all of the Star Wars movies, and done a new puzzle practically every week. On a bigger level, I've become a baking scientist and also found I enjoy cleaning things.

Power washed tile
My family has done a lot of cleaning since the start of this lockdown. My father got a power wash and he and I had a fun time removing all of the dirt and grime from the tiles on our patio. The photo to the left shows the original tile next to what we power washed. We thought it would be fun to leave a tile unwashed just as I remember having my father point out to me on the ceiling of Grand Central Station in New York City; after the ceiling was cleaned of smoke from cigarettes a small patch was left behind. Although it was time consuming, at the end, we both felt accomplished and proud. The tiles hadn't been cleaned for years and we never would have cleaned them if we weren't stuck with all of this time.

The thing I find myself doing constantly is baking cookies. I have mentioned this before in my Life Under Lockdown post but I have since turned my hobby into a routine and a project. I find myself baking cookies once, if not, twice a week. My family seems to enjoy the finished product and I love the science of it. I make tweaks, adding more brown sugar than last time, using less salt, experimenting with oven temperatures, baking time, and changing nearly everything that I can. My base recipe is from Bon Appetit and is very good but I have made some changes to fit my family's preferences. This has become a science project of sorts. My end goal is to find the perfect flavor, texture, and size for chocolate chip cookies. While I think I am getting close, there is always something that can be changed.

As badly as I want things to go back to normal, quarantine isn't as bad as I originally expected. It allows me to do more things that I love and find new things I probably wouldn't have tried. It's important to stay positive during this time and look on the bright side.


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