Life Under Lockdown

My family and I have been living under lockdown for over a month. This means we do not leave our house, we do not train with our teams, we do not go to restaurants, and we haven't had any physical contact with anyone outside our family. Life under lockdown has presented several challenges.

The most obvious is the question of staying active. I was spending two hours, six days a week in the pool training with my team so it was very difficult to adapt my exercise to do something from home. I have been doing exercise circuits and my family is fortunate enough to have a stationary bike that I use several times a week. That helps.

Another challenge comes from finding ways to occupy our time. I have spent a large portion of my time baking and cooking. I have made many things since being quarantined. My dad and I tried baking bread for the first time. It actually turned out to be good bread and we ended up eating it within two days of making it. Before the lockdown and even before the virus started to spread, I loved baking chocolate chip cookies. Since presented with all of this time, I have taken it upon myself to perfect my chocolate chip cookie recipe. I am certainly not there yet but I can see progress.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies
The photo to the left is what a batch of my cookies look like. I still haven't quite figured out how to space them out on the tray but they tasted pretty good. Baking cookies is something I love to do and I usually make them with my two younger sisters. I have been known to be a bit bossy in the kitchen but I blame it on my perfectionist traits. 

Scattered puzzle pieces
My family seems to enjoy passing their time with puzzles. However, I cannot seem to enjoy doing puzzles. I find them tedious and boring but that leaves me separate from my family while they are completing a 2000 piece puzzle. I always find it very impressive when they finish and can somehow take apart a week's worth of hard work and put it back in the box.

We are, however, hanging in there and doing fine. We find new ways to entertain ourselves daily. I suppose that is life under lockdown here in Italy. 


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