COVID-19 in Italy

Italy is currently the country with the third most cases of COVID-19 in the world. The map on the right shows the cases and deaths in Italy by region. The red indicates the total cases and the black indicates the deaths by COVID-19. We can see that the concentration of cases is in the north but there are still cases all over the country. Florence is roughly located in the center of the country where there are not as many cases. However, it is still scary. My school has been closed since March 5 and we've been locked in our home since a few days after that.

Trend of COVID-19 coronavirus in Italy
Each day, my family and I look at the chart to the left at 6:00 PM when the data comes in for the number of cases recorded that day. The chart shows the percent growth of new cases compared to the day before. Even though all of Italy has been inside for over a month, they are somehow still finding 4,000 new cases a day. How are all of these people getting infected? Maybe it is because of all of people who still have to work or it could be that now they are testing more people, even if they are asymptomatic. I have to admit, I am afraid of this virus. I know I would most likely be fine and recover quickly if I came in contact with it, but the thought that I could give it to someone that couldn't handle it is terrifying.

I have heard of how people around the world are responding to this. Most of them are staying inside and only leaving when necessary or if they still have to work. Those people wear face masks to protect themselves and those around them. However, I know that some people are still leaving their houses to go see their friends or simply because they don't want to stay inside. Yes, fresh air and sunlight is important and not everyone has access to it from their houses, but that doesn't mean go get fresh air with your friends. Go on a walk alone, staying away from anyone you pass on the street.

Exercise can be done inside and socializing can be online. With school closed, I don't know of any other reason to leave the house. If we all just listen to the rules, and stay inside, we can get back to our lives sooner. I long for the day I am allowed to train with my team again, go to school, go to restaurants, hug my friends, and travel. That day will come if we all work together and stay home unless necessary or if you have to work.

For the website showing data about Italy and the new coronavirus click here.
For the website in Italian click here.


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