Why Amory in Italy?

Today, I am launching my first blog. I have been living here in Florence, Italy since 2016 but I am originally from New York. The experience of living abroad has shown me many new things about the world and myself. I hope to use this blog as a way to share my perspective on the world and offer useful insights into Florence and living abroad. Having lived here for four years, I have learned to speak Italian confidently.

By coincidence, my middle name is Amory which is very similar to the Italian verb to love, "amore." I have come to love this city and country and I now consider it my home. I consider myself and my family part of the community of Florence. My sisters and I all do sports with local teams and that is one thing that really helped us feel at home.

The world is going through a tough time right now with the new coronavirus. Italy was one of the first countries to recognize the seriousness of the problem and implement a lockdown. So far, there have been almost 148,000 cases as of April 10th and worse, nearly 19,000 people have died. My school, and all other schools in the country, has been closed since March 5th. This has given me some extra time to think about life, school, and the world. I hope I can share some interesting ideas and my perspective to give readers something to think about. I welcome your ideas and feedback as well. Thanks for reading!


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